Payment Options

Payment options at the TTEC Digital Store include Credit Card, Store Credits, and Gift Card.

Credit Card: 

  • After selecting your items, check out and proceed with your credit card purchase.
  • If purchasing on a corporate card, proceed with your expense report as normal.

    Store Credits: 

    • Credit can be added to any users account within the  Store.
    • Credits are particularly useful when new team members are onboarded.
    • Credits allow users to spend a set amount and pay any overage with another payment method.
    • Use the Contact Us form to have credits added to a users account. 
    • Specify who the credits should be assigned to, providing their name and email address.

    Gift Card: 

    • Gift cards can be purchased directly from the Store.

    • Once purchased, an email is sent to the recipient with a link to view the gift card code and balance.

    • Gift cards can be applied to purchases within the checkout process, on the right side of the payment screen.